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Friday, April 20, 2007

Favorite song

Thing 4, who is 3 years old has some very strong feelings about things that he likes, and those which he doesn't!
His favorite song, which he sings often, loudly and sometimes unnecessarily is 'bentching.'
This morning, after a special Rosh Chodesh breakfast of French Toast, Thing 1 began bentching aloud. Thing 4 grinned and out of his smiling mouth came, "That's my FAVORITE song!"

On a Cholo Shel Mo'ed picnic after calling Thing 4 back to the table (it was a picnic table) 'for bentching--well we WERE about to, and we also didn't want him wandering too far--we began singing Shir HaMa'alot. Thing 4, anticipating "Baruch Atah etc" looked up, and in utter dismay shouted, "I HATE THAT SONG!"

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