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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Birthday party - a success!

Yes! I threw a surprise party for DH this past Friday night.

It was an oneg shabbos birthday party replete with hot kugel and cholent as well as a (b"H) well-conditioned a/c (read zealous!)

We managed to set up mostly while DH drove Things 2 and 3 to Y-M.

(They got to spend shabbos with Grandma and Grandpa. Thing 1 is in sleepaway camp, so it was just us and Thing 4 at home, kinda' strange, but really nice.) DH just didn't know who this seminary-looking-girl was and what she was doing in the house and after I refused to answer his questons, and she did too, he went on to the kids. To their credit, Things 2 and 3 wouldn't answer either, and they had a whole car ride together.

DH thought that perhaps we were hosting an NCSY se'da shileesheet or something.

I manged to get Thing 4 to bed before any loud noise made its way upstairs, and I got cozy with a bunch of reading material and a large mug of tea.

When I came down (much later) the salon (read dining room) was in the last stages of being put back to normal semblance (THANKS Mitch and Eliezer!)

DH theorized that since I made him a huge surprise bash for his 30th, which was after we were married 6 years, and that this was 7 years later, he should expect to be surprised (is that really possible?) in 8 more years.

For those of you who missed it, I heard that it was really nice, and to those of you that came, thanks for making it so.

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