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Sunday, August 24, 2008


.....if they do and damned if they do.
I just read this article and was so incensed.
Last update - 19:47 21/08/2008 Israel removes West Bank roadblock outside Ramallah

We once accidentally drove past the entrance to a Jewish-lived-in city near Ramallah. (really they are all OUR cities.)
It was only as we appraoched the machsom (which we did not recall being there previously) and simultaneously noticed the giant billboard for Habib's used-cars that we realized our mistake. We were urged by the chayalim manning the machsom to 'turn around, fast' and 'you not want to be here.'
If that machsom were not there, we probably would have attepmpted to continue driving until we felt that there was a 'good' place to turn around.
Is there ever a 'good' place to turn around when you enter our neck of the woods that they have usurped?


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