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Friday, August 11, 2006

Chayal<=>Tzitzis program, or: More things YOU can do to help out with the matzav

An Urgent Offer for a Great Mitzvah

a personal chayal-tzitzis story will, B"N follow at a later date

Klal Yisroel are, at present, in dire need of Hashem's mercy and compassion.
It is imperative that we begin feeling and sharing the sentiments of those
directly suffering. Feeling should lead to action together with and on
behalf of our brothers. "Eis tzara hi l'Yaakov-It is a time of trial to
Yaakov" means all of us.

There is a midrash that relates of a man drowning in a lake who cries to the
captain of a passing boat. The captain throws him a rope to save and pull
him aboard. Hakaddosh Baruch Hu gave us the rope of the tzitzis to grab in
order to pull us close to Him. It is a shemirah, a protection, for our
bodies and souls and a connection to Hashem.

A group of Boston yungerleit are embarking upon an imperative project of
feeling for our soldiers, may Hashem protect them, identifying with them,
and sending them 'the rope'. They are undertaking to send tzitzis to as many
soldiers as possible and offering you the opportunity to share in this

The passuk says "U'ri'isem'asisem es kol mitzvosai". This alludes
to the havtacha, the promise, that if one fulfills "U'ri'isem oso", one will
be granted the privilege to live and fulfill mitzvos, may it be Hashem's

The cost of one garment is 20 shekels in Israel. Cost in America is $5.00.
This money may be taking from maaser.

Contributions may be sent to:

In Beitar: Mr. Elozor Gottlieb, 5/5 Chofetz Chaim St., Beitar
In Yerushalayim: Rabbi Dovid Gottlieb, 28/5 Shaulson St., Yerushalayim
In the U.S.A.: Mr. Shmuel Fine, 25 Yale Dr., Monsey, NY 10952

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Can YOU spot the differences?